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Going Back to School Just Got Easier

Older adults returning to school to get their degree need a different kind of program than the traditional student – one that is online, affordable and flexible enough to integrate with family life and a job. The Willow Springs Area Foundation is partnering with WGU Missouri to offer just such an option to adults in our area. Learn more at:

Going Back to School,

a Program for Older Adults

Monday, June 18

6:00 pm

The Ferguson Building

City Pool!!!!!!!

Opens Saturday, May 26th @ Noon

Pool Passes

Family Pass - $150.00

Individual Pass - $ 65.00

You can get them at City Hall or at the Pool as soon as it opens

Great Ball Of Fireworks!!!


          Don’t forget that the 11 Point Fire Dept. is starting the planning of the up coming Community Event Great Ball of Fireworks! If you would like to make a donation for the event please contact Frank VanHorn @ 252-7185