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Bear City Fall Festival

The vendor application has a new option this year!  Yes, you asked, we delivered.  We have several options to sign up to be a vendor this year!  Our application is fillable and submittable online here.  After submitting your form it will redirect you to the online payment form.

If you would rather print the form and mail it in with a check, the printable form is here.  If you would like you can print and email it in and make your online payment here also.

If you select either online option, you will need to go here for the vendor letter as it is not included in either of those downloads.

And finally, you can stop in the office and there are good old-fashioned paper copies of the form there you can fill out and make payment.


As a result of comments made from the survey we have made an effort to get more vendors on Main Street.  The only way to do this was to decrease the space size.  So please make note that spaces are now 10 X 10 (which is pretty standard sizing for festivals).  Our own observations and comments from vendors made us realize that many spaces were under-utilized and we could put more vendors on Main street by reducing the size.  As always, you may reserve as many sites as you like, but please realize that this year's booth spaces are not the traditional 10 x 20, they are now 10x10, so please plan accordingly.

The Food Vendor spaces on Harris St that run north/south and will remain 10x20 to accomodate Food trucks/trailers, that locations sizes have not changed.

We are excited to begin planning the 2024 Bear City Fall Festival and hope it will the biggest and best one yet!

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